Pam: My Fantasy Girl

Chapter One: Lust at First Sight.

I recognized Pam the moment I saw her walk into the restaurant, even
though we had never met. The same young woman that had walked nervously
past the front window of the establishment several times in the last
half hour with her eyes darting as she tried to look inside without
being obvious about it, and failing miserably.

I had recognized her by way she had described herself to me in the
hundreds of messages we had exchanged over the last several months over
the internet. She was more attractive than she had led me to believe,
but that didn’t surprise me, as she had displayed a tendency to be
self-depreciating, a trait that I had found charming, especially given
the way people usually act

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Threesome Bathtime Sex

Marion entered her bath with an intake of breath. It was extremely hot, 
the water in this large tub, freshly-inserted off the roaring fire by 
her most trusted aide and friend, Gwendolyn, or “Gwen” as she had come 
to call her. She sucked in her breath as she sat, the water now 
covering the thick patch of fleecy fur around her private parts and 
now, breathlessly assaulting her generous breasts as she sank into the 

The steam rose and hit her nostrils with a cleansing feeling, 
allowing her a moment of fantasy, imagining herself lying in a warm 
tropical paradise, unable to see a thing. At these times, she was also 
prone to beholding some knight appearing gradually out of the mist, who 
would approach her and reach a hand down to caress her needy breasts, 
hot with passion. She felt her juices arouse as these thoughts once 
again entered her consciousness and her hand drifted towards her fleecy 
bush. Since her husband had left for the Crusades, 2 years ago, these 
fantasies had increased in ferocity and occurrence. As she touched 
herself, she heard footsteps.

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Mariana’s Nursing Duties

Chapter One: In the tub.

It’s no fun being disabled, I learned, even if the disability isn’t 
permanent. The things you are used to doing for yourself quite easily 
become major chores requiring considerable effort. While the back 
surgery I just had endured would eventually make life a lot easier, for 
the forseeable future I was going to need a lot of assistance.

Being a widower, there was no one at home to give me the help I was 
going to need. One thing I knew for certain was that there was no way I 
was going to a nursing home or anything like that. I was only 59, and 
while that’s not the prime of life, I still had my pride.

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Hairy Concert Sex

Danny could not believe his good fortune. Tickets to The Scorpions
concert this evening had been hand-delivered by a grateful boss, who
had smiled and proffered them as a reward for Danny winning the
contract for the renovation of the Opera House. Danny’s boss had smiled
widely and broken the good news, along with delivering this reward at
the same time. He also told Danny to take the day off with pay and
mentioned a free lunch, on him, at the local eatery. A great day
indeed. Danny had done all that and even gone to the zoo, just for a
change. All his friends were at work and he relished an afternoon of
idle walking. It had been great.

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