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Cindy And Her Student

Cindy relaxed in her office, frankly relieved that the day was over. 
She had just one appointment to end the day with and she could hit the 
road for the weekend at her favorite ski resort, 150 miles away in 
Kamloops. Her role as associate professor of psychology at the 
community college included fielding a generic group of students who 
used her often as a sounding board for guidance in matters more than 
merely her specialty. She had felt like a guidance counsellor on more 
than one occasion.

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Rhonda and Gino, part 1

Chapter One: Last minute customers.

The annoying jingle of the bells attached to the front door of Rhonda’s 
Green Thumb got the attention of the proprietor of the establishment, 
just as she was trying to post a message on her favorite website.

“Damn!” Rhonda said as she hurried to finish, and that caused her to 
start misspelling words.

Giving up, she jumped out of her chair and entered the front of the 
store. A couple in their thirties were looking around the store, 
walking in opposite directions around the showroom.

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Cathy Gets Offered

My wife looked over at me with a shocked expression on her face after 
the loud rap on the motel door made us both jump. I got up off the edge 
of the bed and headed slowly toward the door, smiling back at Cathy 
while my hand reached for the door knob, and she returned the smile. 
Cathy looked so pure and innocent that I felt a twinge of remorse. Her 
pale, freckled, and wholesome looking face was strained with stress 
and, I hoped, excitement. I know mine was.

The woman on the other side of the door nodded at me, and then looked 
beyond me to check out the rest of the room. When her eyes found Cathy 
standing by the corner of the bed, she seemed to relax and entered with 
no further hesitation, breezing past me like I was the doorman.

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Emily Goes Door to Door

Emily Goes Door to Door
by davidwatts©

Emily was introduced in a story called “Emily the Church Lady”, and I 
am most appreciative of the incredibly enthusiastic response it 
received. While the author would certainly love it if you chose to read 
that one as well, this tale does not require you to. In addition, 
please take note of the category the story was submitted into.

The only introduction that is absolutely necessary is that Emily is 
forty-five years old, seven months younger than David. It’s just two 
ADULTS having fun, and I hope you will too!

Of course, no inference should be made by the reader regarding the 
involvement of any existing group or organization when reading this 
story, as none exists.

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